How to Advance Your Engineering Career

This article explains the essential skills Engineering employers value most, yet have the hardest time finding in candidates and their own workforce. Read this article to learn what those skills are, and how you can easily and affordably get those skills to boost your Engineering career. 

Rule 1: Engineers need Soft-Skills

According to Daniel Goldman, author of Working with Emotional Intelligence, soft skills are twice as important in contributing to excellence as technical expertise alone.

Lee Ready, President of Ready Engineering – Seven-time winner of the Professional Services Management Journal (PSMJ) Circle of Excellence Award – states, “Soft skills are more important than engineering skills; soft skills are a prerequisite for the opportunity to deploy the technical.”

A study by Michigan State University of 282 organizations, ranging in size from 20 or fewer to more than 25,000 employees, ranked soft skills first among essential engineering skills, followed by technical skills.

And finally, according to the National Soft Skills Association, technical skills “are only part of what’s necessary to be a successful employee,” and employers today are concerned that employees don’t have the necessary soft skills to succeed in the workplace.

Rule 2: Engineering employers demand Soft Skills

A 2016 study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed that over 70% of employers surveyed prioritize teamwork, writing, problem-solving, and work ethic over technical skills when hiring.

According to Harvard Professor David J. Deming, author of The Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market, the demand by employers for candidates with a balance of soft and technical skills tops the list, while the demand for those with technical skills alone are near the bottom.

As technology marches ahead at an exponential pace, and as more and more technical tasks get automated, the demand for Engineers with highly developed soft skills has significantly increased.

Rule 3: Engineers with strong Soft Skills are promoted faster and make more money

Forbes magazine states 94% of recruiting professionals believe an employee with strong soft skills is more likely to be promoted, and 75% of recruiting professionals report cutting short an interview because a candidate didn’t demonstrate sufficient soft skill competencies.

According to Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, people with highly developed soft skills make an average $29,000 per year more than people with technical skills alone.

So, if you’re like most Engineers, you’re probably thinking, “I need to learn and develop my soft skills, BUT HOW DO I DO THAT?

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During my career as an Engineer I asked myself the same question. I ended up getting a master’s degree in social science that took two years and lots of money.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get a master’s degree to get the Soft Skills that Engineers need, employers demand, and that will boost your career.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Start with a National Standard

Find an online curriculum based upon the Engineering Competency Model – a national standard recognized by the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES) and the US Department of Labor.

Step 2: Focus on the Soft Skills that employers demand

The Engineering Competency Model was developed through a collaborative effort between NCEES the American Association of Engineering Societies, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Engineering subject matter experts from education, industry, and private practice.

The Engineering Competency Model was specifically designed to develop the engineer of the future. That is, an Engineer who possesses a highly developed balanced set of Soft and technical skills, that can rise to the challenge of meeting industry demand.

Step 3: Find online learning specifically designed for Engineers and their needs

Engineers are busy and don’t have the time to go back to college the get the Soft Skills they need to satisfy their employers needs and advance their career.

What Engineers need is an online course designed by Engineers, based upon a nationally accepted standard, that is financially and emotionally affordable.

Not only do Engineers need all that, but wouldn’t it be great to get the Professional Development Hours, or PDH’s, you need to keep your professional engineering license current?

And finally, how about an online course that contains short and entertaining videos and personal skill assessments, that can be done on any internet connected PC’s, tablets, or smart phones, any time, and anywhere?

Step 4: When you find that online program – ENROLL IN IT!

So, if you seek that program to teach the essential Soft Skills you need to make your employer happy and advance your career, then YOU’RE IN LUCK.

Why? Because the Engineering Leadership Institute has built an online learning program, the Performance Certification System (PCS), specially designed to provide Engineers with the Soft Skills they need to be successful!

Right now, the Engineering Leadership Institute has just released the first offering of the PCS, Personal Effectiveness Competencies.

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