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Video: Engineering Leadership Institute

Discover the skills gap that costs Engineering firms higher profits.

Video: Engineering Leadership Institute

Discover the skills gap that costs Engineering firms higher profits.

If you’re looking to unleash high-performance in your organization, then make sure you look in the right place.

The fact is, statistically-driven solutions and technical fixes only marginally improve firm performance. According to the Harvard Business Review, a hyper-focus on utilization metrics is unsustainable and typically leads to reduced profits. Furthermore, a study of 250 publicly traded engineering and manufacturing firms showed no direct relation between technological fixes and financial performance.

Making the leap from an average performer to a consistent high-performer demandssomething more. You need a performance multiplier.  You need the Success Enabling Skills that fuel the competencies every engineer and every engineering firm wants.  Skills that Deltek, a leader in the provision of engineering enterprise software, reports increases personal and organizational utilization by more than 15%.  

Interpersonal, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, motivation, and commitment skills empower unthinkable gains in utilization and profit. The Success Enabling Skills that refers to as, “The top skills sought by engineering firms,” and AGH Certified Public Accounts says directly improves productivity and profitability.

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Micro-learning from the Engineering Leadership Institute (ELI) empowers firms with the Success Enabling Skills needed to unleash ultra-high-performance.

The ELI Performance Certification SystemTM uses short, on-demand video modules, downloadable resources, online assessments, and digital badging to deliver affordable online learning and insights that transform professional achievers into standout high-performers.  Its curriculum takes the Engineering Competency Model, or ECM, developed jointly by the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES) and the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES), from page to practice, and ignites the workforce skills and utilization that can carry profit margins from an industry average of 13% to a sector-leading 20-28%.

The Harvard Business Review reports that,"Highly successful organizations have discovered the biggest driver of extraordinary profits are investments in the soft-skills people need to work together and leverage technology." Lee Ready, the president of Ready Engineering, one of only five engineering firms across North America to win the Professional Services Management Journal's (PSMJ) Circle of Excellence Award seven times, emphasizes, “In consulting, soft-skills [Success Enabling Skills] are more important than engineering skills; soft-skills are a prerequisite for the opportunity to deploy the technical.”

Created by professional engineers for engineering professionals.

Engineers like you created ELI and the ELI Performance Certification System. We’re seasoned professionals whose experience spans owning and operating a successful Civil Engineering and Land Planning firm, as well as leading workgroups, and providing strategic leadership to executive teams and entire divisions for engineering firms large and small. But here’s the difference. Through our more than six decades of combined professional engineering experience, we’ve learned technical abilities alone aren’t enough to unleash high-performance. We discovered that to optimize utilization and drive profitability, engineers and engineering teams need foundational Success Enabling Skills that improve communication, focus energy, increase collaboration, foster organizational agility, and build operational confidence.  Witnessing first-hand how deploying Success Enabling Skills in our business and engineering firms large and small unleashed high-performance led us to create ELI and the ELI Performance Certification System.

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Feed the bottom line with top-flight Success Enabling Skills.

When you’re serious about making the leap to a high-performing firm – about securing the Success Enabling Skills that fuel increased productivity, performance, and profitability – get ELI.  Click, or write today to get started!